Mission Grant Applications

Who Can Apply for a Mission Grant?

God’s family gathered in the Nebraska District LCMS, engaged in new opportunities to live and share the Good News of Jesus. If you are cultivating a new mission emphasis or opportunity, connecting to a new community, or caring for the needs of those in your community, consider exploring this mission grant to assist in clarifying your mission plan.

What to Expect in the Mission Grant Application Process?

Expect the process to cultivate stronger relationships. The multi-step process is not meant to be overly complex, but instead outlines steps that provide ongoing communication, visitation, and teamwork. We hope that our relationship with you will grow and develop along with those within your congregation, mission team, or small group.

As you cultivate a new mission emphasis or opportunity, communication for a potential grant begins with a notice of intent in the month of August.

Continued communication and engagement in the Mission Grant process is essential for final submission of your proposal by an October 1 deadline.

A site review and visit with ministry leaders involved in the process may be necessary. Ordinarily these visits will be completed before January 1.

Notification to grant recipients will be made in January, and disbursements will be made monthly for the 12 consecutive months: February – January.

Let’s Meet to Explore the Process

Contact Lonnie “Jake” Jacobsen, Nebraska District LCMS Executive Assistant to the President for Mission and Revitalization by email at lonniej@ndlcms.org

cultivate relationships
cultivate relationships
cultivate relationships
cultivate relationships

There are many ways congregations and individuals can support missions and outreach in the Nebraska District and beyond. To explore giving opportunities, visit our Give page or contact missions@ndlcms.org to further discuss the possibilities.

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