Church Worker, Congregation, and School Anniversaries

Church Worker Anniversaries

It is both a custom and a privilege for the Nebraska District to recognize the anniversaries of our professional church workers—active and retired Ministers of Religion–Ordained and Ministers of Religion–Commissioned. According to our records, the church workers currently listed below will be celebrating anniversaries in 2023. Congregations are encouraged to have some kind of recognition of these important events as one way to express love, care, and appreciation for the church workers.

Ministers of Religion–Ordained

60 Years

William Lewis (StL63)

Darwin Wassman (StL63)


55 Years

Roger Kruger (StL68)

Jerome Rossow (FtW68)


50 Years

Arnold Jurchen (Spg73)

William Moorhead (StL73)

John Nelson, Sr. (Spg73)


45 Years

Arthur Brinkmeyer (StLCy78)

James Gruber (FtW78)

Luke Schnake (FtW78)


40 Years

John Carrier (StL83)

Leroy Gerner (StL83)

Patrick Riley (StL83)


35 Years

Ronald Krause (StL88)

Michael Reiners (FtW88)


30 Years

Richard Boring (StL93)

Richard Harre (StL93)

Patrick Sparling (StL93)

Gregory Volzke (StLCy93)


25 Years

Jeffrey Bloom (StL98)

Keith Burk (StC98)

John Doolittle (FtW-AR98)

Paul Duffy (FtW98)

Daniel Feusse (StL98)

Mark Middendorf (StL97)

Craig Niemeier (StL98)

Clint Poppe (StL98)

Steven Sirek (FtWCy97)

John Stubenrouch (StL98)


20 Years

Lance Berndt (StL03)

Brad Boyer (StL03)

William Cornelius (WLS03)

Timothy Llewellyn (StL03)

Robert Mayes (FtW03)

Barry Williams (StL03)


15 Years

Scott Adle (FtW08)

Christopher Asbury (StL08)

Jon Dickmander (FtW08)

Bart Fouts (StL08)

Brian Francik (StL08)

Benjamin Francisco (StL08)

William Miller (StL08)

Matthew Mortenson (StL08)

Lloyd Stuhr (StL08)


10 Years

Juan Aguilar (StL-AR13)

Timothy Barone (StL13)

Jacob Bobby (StL09)

Gary Dunker (StL-SMP13)

Patrick Flynn (FtW13)

Christopher Gerdes (FtW12)

Jared Hartman (FtW13)

Shawn Linnell (FtW13)

Matthew Mau (StL13)

Benjamin Siebert (FtW13)


5 Years

Gideon Pullmann (FtW18)

Christopher Ramstad (StL18)

Gregory Schaffer (StL18)

Aaron Staub (StL-SMP18)

Ministers of Religion–Commissioned

(Anniversaries for commissioned workers mark years of service, and do not include years on candidate or non-candidate status.)


5 years

Ryan Baney (S’14)

Faith Doerr (S’14)

Jacob Fink (S’18)

Janelle List (S’18)

Spencer Owen (S’17)

Mandy Rettig (S-Cqy’21)

Casey Roberts (S’16)

Martha Short (WI’17)

Abigail Whitener (S’18)

Emily Woodall (S’17)


10 years

Jill Baumgartel (S’00)

Thomas Goines (WI’06)

Karissa Heun (S’12)

Ken Kulus (S-Cqy’15)

Matthew Myers (SP-Cqy’11)

Amy Penny (S’11)

Rebekah Petersen (S’13)

Juli Reinke (S’91)

Sara Rohren (S’04)

Preston Sunderman (S’13)

Zachary Zieschang (CH’14)


15 years

Nancy Christensen (S’74)

Jennifer Furr (S’97)

Elizabeth Grimpo (RF’99)

Zachary Gunzelman (S’07)

Kristen Laurent (S’08)

Chara Sype (S’99)

Sarah Vaughn (S-Cqy’12)

Cori Woltmann (S’08)


20 years

Ruth Brisbois (S’84)

Tara Hess (S’02)

Aline Kitten (S-Cqy’03)

Jessica Leseberg (S’03)

Karen Reynolds (S’82)

Jannese Steider (S’93)

Lyn Stennett (RF’92)

Michele Synovec (S-Cqy’03)


25 years

Joy Barefoot (S’89)

Rebecca Bartelt (TX-Cqy’07)

Wendy Borcherding (RF’93)

Christa Doyle (S’97)

Kim Franzen (S-Cqy’98)

Mark L’Heureux (S’97)

Beth Pester (S’97)

Emily White (S’98)

Laurie ZumHofe (S’96)


30 years

Sandra Armstrong (S-Cqy’93)

David Bliss (S’79)

Katie Bockelman (S’92)

Glenda Dobbertein (S’66)

Jonetta Hagemeier (S-Cqy’96)

Barbara Mertens (S’93)

Perry Miller (IV’89)

Christine Owen (S’91)

Heidi Pavel (S’85)

Amy Schwarting (S-Cqy’09)

Samuel Sommerer (S’93)

Julie Warneke (S’92)

Thomas Wolfe (S’69)


35 years

Beverly Duensing (S’70)

Earl Guse (S’88)

Wendy Heider (S’74)

Peter Kenow (S’88)

Brent Royuk (S’88)

Lorinda Sankey (S’80)


40 years

JoAnn Bamesberger (S-Cqy’83)

John Garske (S’72)

Cherry Hammon (S’62)

Jo Lambrecht (S’68)

Dee Ludvigsen (IV-Cqy’00)

Gary McDaniel (S’83)

Carol Mueller (RF’79)

Grant Schmidt (S’83)

Linda Schoening (RF’77)

Mary Voelker (S’70)

Kurt Von Kampen (S’83)

Nora Zinnel (S’74)


45 years

Andrea Beversdorf (S’70)

Julie Dagel (S’78)

Donald Dynneson (S-Cqy’78)

Janniece Gray (S’76)

Lois Leckband (RF’77)

Mark Lemke (S’76)

Cynthia Lemke (S’76)

Lawren Miller (S’73)

Judith Preuss (S’60)

Dean Raabe (S’70)

Annette Sonntag (S’74)

Paula Wehling (S’63)


50 years

Shery Fiene (SP’68)

Judith Lehmann (S’60)

Robert Saeger (S’73)

Gary Steinmiller (S’60)

Marcia Timm (S’65)

Howard Voelker (S’69)

JoAnn Wallman (S’73)


55 years

Rodney Voelker (S’68)

Carolyn Wenke (S’54)


60 years

Raymond Huebschman (S’63)

Allan Schmidt (RF’60)


65 years

Charles Ore (S’58)

Lee Schluckebier (S’58)

Leah Serck (S’58)

Arlan Warneke (S’58)


70 years

Elden Duensing (S’53)

Carl Everts (S’53)

John Seevers (S’52)

Congregation and School Annivesaries

According to our records, the congregations and schools currently listed below will be celebrating anniversaries in 2023.

Nebraska District Congregations

155th Anniversary

Immanuel, Beemer


150th Anniversary

Zion, Hampton


145th Anniversary

St. Matthew, Cedar Bluffs

Trinity, Grand Island

Zion, Juniata

St. Paul, Minden


140th Anniversary

Immanuel, Columbus

Immanuel, Rising City

Zion, Shickley


135th Anniversary

St. Peter, Deshler


125th Anniversary

St. John, Chester


120th Anniversary

Zion, Pierce

St. Paul, Wisner

Emmanuel, York


115th Anniversary

Peace, McCook

Peace, Waco

St. John, Wakefield

St. Paul, Wauneta


110th Anniversary

Trinity, Foster

Zion, Kearney


100th Anniversary

Grace, Fairbury


90th Anniversary

Holy Cross, Goehner

Zion, Red Cloud

Trinity, Schuyler


85th Anniversary

Immanuel, Merna


80th Anniversary

Pilgrim, Bellevue

St. Peter, North Bend


75th Anniversary

St. John, Curtis

Our Redeemer, Elwood

Peace, Hastings

Faith, Humboldt

St. Paul, Weeping Water

70th Anniversary

Zion, Pawnee City


60th Anniversary

Faith, York


50th Anniversary

Good Shepherd, Milford

Divine Shepherd, Omaha

Trinity, Thedford


35th Anniversary

Messiah, Lincoln


25th Anniversary

Bingham, Bingham

Cristo Cordero de Dios, Grand Island


20th Anniversary

Lamb of God, Papillion


15th Anniversary

Cross of Christ, Aurora

1C, A Mission Church of the LCMS, Columbus

Word of Life, Lincoln

The Rock, Seward


Nebraska District Schools​

140th Anniversary

St. Paul Lutheran School, West Point


135th Anniversary

St. John Lutheran School, Columbus


130th Anniversary

Immanuel Lutheran School, Columbus


120th Anniversary

Zion Lutheran School, Pierce


80th Anniversary

St. Paul Lutheran School, Ogallala


40th Anniversary

Faith Lutheran School, Lincoln


25th Anniversary

First Steps Peace Lutheran Day Care (Peace), Columbus

Jesus Our Savior Lutheran School Association, Winnebago


20th Anniversary

Redeemer Lutheran Preschool, David City

Fishers of Kids Lutheran Preschool (Grace), Wayne


15th Anniversary

All Belong to Christ Child Care and Preschool (Christ), Cairo

LEAP at Christ Preschool/Little Disciples Day Care (Christ), O’Neill