Shine! District Community Service Month

SHINE! Nebraska District LCMS Servant Event • April 2024

The Nebraska District LCMS is getting ready to SHINE! a spotlight on service in April 2024. Throughout the district, groups of two or more people are asked to give witness to the love of Jesus through acts of service to their neighbors and communities. Simply join with some people from your church, school, small group, ministry group, family, etc., and serve!

How does your church or school fit into your neighborhood? Are you someone with whom your community members can chat over the fence or share a cup of coffee—or are you the stranger who lives across the alley they wave at but never talk to? The Bible says “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.” (1 John 4:7) How can we show love to our neighbors? By being neighborly!

Building relationships with your community should start inside your congregation with prayer, conversations, and encouragement. The prayer is that God will show your people how they can shine His light outside the church walls. The more encouragement and equipping of your members, the more engagement that can take place.

Last year, 18,000 people participated in the Missouri and Northern Illinois Districts of the LCMS, and we are excited to join them in 2024. Learn more about their 2023 Shine! events in THIS ARTICLE.


How can you SHINE! in your community?

  • FORM A TEAM: Groups can be as small as two people or as large as the project requires.
  • IDENTIFY A NEED: Choose a project your group or congregation can do in your community. See our 40 Ways to SHINE! list for some starter ideas.
  • REGISTER ONLINE: Thanks to Lutheran Church Extension Fund, we will have a limited number of T-shirts available on a first-come, first-served basis, for groups that sign up. You can also access the SHINE! logo to make your own shirts, hats, etc. Use the registration form below to tell us a little about your group and project.
  • SERVE IN APRIL: You can choose any date in April that works for your team.
  • ENCOURAGE OTHERS: Take some pictures or videos and share those with us so we can spread the news of the impact SHINE! has made across the District. (We’ll tell you how when you register.) We will also be sharing our news with the Northern Illinois and Missouri Districts, who will be doing their own SHINE! events in April.

SHINE! Resources

40 Ways to SHINE!  Some starter ideas to help you decide on a project.

Suggested content for your bulletins or newsletters to help introduce SHINE! to your congregation, school, or group (available soon)


SHINE! Logos

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  • JPG (best for bulletins, posters, etc.):
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SHINE! Registration

We are excited your group is joining with a SHINE! project of your own.

We will contact you soon with information about T-shirts. (A limited number of shirts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.) Please provide the contact information below for the person most appropriate for receiving follow-up materials.

If you are doing this as a youth group, school, LWML group, etc. please indicate after the congregation name.
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How do you plan to SHINE! in your community?

Have your event all figured out? Great! Please share the details here. Still planning? That's okay too! Just give us a rough idea of what you think you might do.