We connect people in joy-filled community as the Spirit makes and matures disciples of Jesus Christ.

Connecting and Reconciling God’s People

“For the Word of God is living and active…” Hebrews 4:10a

However, we may fear that our congregation is “dying, declining or in-active.”  We may believe that we are in need of revitalization.  We can be assured of God’s presence and the power of His Word, we can also be assured of His presence and power when His people connect with one another around His Word.  He reconciles and brings new life to His people and therefore to His Church.  Review the Revitalization resources or contact our office for assistance in application in your context.

Connecting God’s People With Their Community Through Service

As God’s people “live the Good News of Jesus” they will indeed love and serve their neighbor.  However, in this fractured society we may be separated from this “neighbor,” or simply unaware of their needs.  Before you engage your community or set about to serve them, consider listening to and learning about your neighbor.  Review the resources or contact our office for assistance in application in your context.

Connecting With Other Ministries

Is there a ministry partnership in your future?  There is no doubt that partnering with another ministry or congregation can be a great way to share and steward the resources that God provides for mission, ministry, service and fellowship.  In the resource link below, you will find The Partnership Project resources.

Mission Grant Application

God’s family gathered in the Nebraska District LCMS, engaged in new opportunities to live and share the Good News of Jesus. If you are cultivating a new mission emphasis or opportunity, connecting to a new community, or caring for the needs of those in your community, consider exploring this mission grant to assist in clarifying your mission plan. LEARN MORE HERE.

cultivate relationships
cultivate relationships
cultivate relationships
cultivate relationships

There are many ways congregations and individuals can support missions and outreach in the Nebraska District and beyond. To explore giving opportunities, visit our Give page or contact missions@ndlcms.org to further discuss the possibilities.

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