Pastoral Calls

About the process of calling a pastor

Please note that the District needs to be notified:

  • every time a call is issued by a congregation, school, RSO, etc.
  • when a rostered worker receives a call
  • and when a worker accepts or declines a call

Learn more about calling a pastor; compensation and benefits for pastors; and requesting and compensating supply (guest), intentional interim, and vacancy pastors at this link.


Call activity updated 11/18/22


Calls Accepted

Lynn Christensen, LCMS Office of International Mission (Navy Chaplain), to Zion, Ainsworth

Jason Krause, candidate, Nebraska District, to Mt. Calvary, Richmond, MN



Lynn Christensen to Zion, Ainsworth, 11/20/22, 5:00


Calls Declined

Tim Llewellyn, Faith/Zion, Humboldt/Pawnee City, to Zion/Immanuel, Lincoln, MO


Pending Calls

Nathan Abel, St. John, Wilcox, to St. Martin, Clintonville, WI

Joshua Frazee, St. John (associate), Mayville, WI, to Faith/St. John/First Trinity, Stanton/Pilger/Altona

Darren Olson, candidate, South Dakota District, to Christ, Juniata

Larry Rubeck, Prince of Peace (senior), Crystal Late, IL, to St. Paul, Minden


Status Changes