District Board of Directors

Currently Serving:

Rev. Richard Snow: President, Nebraska District Office, Seward

Rev. Michael Awe: First Vice-President, Hope Lutheran Church, South Sioux City (Region C)

Rev. James Moshier: Second Vice-President, Trinity Lutheran Church, Arapahoe (Region A)

Rev. James Rasmussen: Third Vice-President, Divine Shepherd, Omaha (Region D)

Rev. Scott Bruick: Fourth Vice-President, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Seward (Region B)

Rev. B.J. Fouts: Secretary, St. John Lutheran Church, Battle Creek

Linda Ahrens: Commissioned, Area I, Grand Island

Bruce Wall: Commissioned, Area II, Schuyler

Byron Hansen: Lay Member, Region A, Kearney

Linda Reiser: Lay Member, Region A, Grand Island

James Kovac: Lay Member, Region B, Beaver Crossing

Paul Schudel: Lay Member, Region B, Omaha

Josh Moenning: Lay Member, Region C, Norfolk

Deborah Sunderman: Lay Member, Region C, Norfolk

Kevin Warneke: Lay Member, Region D, Omaha  *Current Board Chair

Ellen Lund: Lay Member, Region D, Fremont

Updated 7/12/2022

Public Forum Policy for the Board of Directors of the Nebraska District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

The Board of Directors of The Nebraska District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (the Board) welcomes visitors to its regular Board meetings within good order as set forth by the Board. The Board has an open forum time available on its agenda at the outset of every regular board meeting.

The Board has adopted the following policies for the conduct of this open forum time:

  • The Board Chairman will inform the visitor of the amount of time he/she has to address the Board;
  • The speaker will present information for the Board’s consideration;
  • Board members may ask questions for clarification;
  • The topic presented will not be discussed by the Board or debated by the Board during the Open Forum section of the Board agenda.

Board privileges:

  • The Board reserves the privilege of determining if and when to discuss the topic brought forward by the visitor.
  • The Board also reserves the privilege of determining if the visitor will be asked to present for the discussion of the topic that has been presented.

Visitor Policy for Board of Directors Meetings and Request to Address the Board

The Board has adopted the following policies for visitors to regular board meetings:

The prospective visitor must submit a written request to address the Board to the Board Chairman at least five (5) days in advance of the Board meeting in question. The Board Chairman is Kevin Warneke.

  • The written request shall identify the topic on which the visitor wants to address the Board.
  • The Board’s Executive Committee will determine if the request will be granted and, if granted, how much time will be allocated to the visitor.
  • Visitors are not permitted to address the Board absent advance approval from the Board Chairman.
  • Visitors attending a regular Board meeting are required to sit in an area designated for visitors to the meeting.
  • Unless requested by the Board, visitors are not permitted to take part in the Board’s deliberations and shall not disrupt the Board’s work.
  • Visitors who, in the opinion of the Board Chairman, are being disruptive will be escorted from the Board meeting and prohibited from re-entry.
  • Visitors are not permitted at special meetings of the Board.
  • On occasion, Board deliberations include sensitive issues not appropriate for discussion with visitors present. In such instances, the Board will vote to close the meeting and all visitors will be excused from the meeting.