Meet Elijah Luebbe, District Treasurer. Elijah is available to help with ministry resources, congregational finance questions, worker benefit plans, and to make presentations. He is also very willing to meet with congregations and individuals to discuss finance issues.

Tell us about your family.

I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. This is where I met and married my wife, Kelli, and where my parents still call home. That said, Kelli and I both have Nebraska roots and had been planning to move to the Midwest since high school. We seized the opportunity to move to Lincoln in 2013 when I accepted a position at UNL.

God formed our family in strange and wonderful ways! On Halloween of 2016, we had a three-month-old boy (“J”) come to live with us while his mom was trying to get back on her feet. Just before J turned two, his mom had another boy (“Z”) who also came home with us from the hospital. Six months later, we were surprised by a pregnancy of our own, something we were told would not happen. So, in a matter of 3 years, we had 3 children to love on, J, Z & Nora! The boys’ mom ended up getting an apartment of her own and they moved in with her on Christmas of 2021. We have the pleasure of being their godparents and still get to spend every Sunday morning with them.

How were you connected to the District before becoming treasurer?

Kelli and I transferred membership to Calvary Lutheran in Lincoln when we moved here in 2013. Kelli became the office manager, and I became a lay minister and worship coordinator shortly thereafter. Our pastor and close friend from Tennessee and Calvary, Lonnie “Jake” Jacobsen, took a call to the District office last year as the Missions Executive, which gave us more familiarity with the workings of the District.

What is your educational and professional background?

My educational background is in Business Administration with my bachelor’s degree in supply chain management and logistics from the University of Memphis, with a focus on lean design. When I graduated in 2009, the economy was less than ideal, and I found myself taking a temp position at my alma mater in the Research Office. This turned into a great career in Research Administration which ultimately brought me to UNL’s Office of Sponsored Programs as the Proposal Budget Coordinator where I developed budgeting tools for faculty and staff as well as project specific budgets. While I’m not an accountant, I have a love for Excel and data, which I have quickly found is a crucial part of this job!

Why did you decide to work for the Nebraska District?

I had been considering a career change for a very short period (hadn’t really told anyone yet or landed on what that might look like) when Pastor Jake sent me the job posting for the Treasurer of the Nebraska District. After prayerful consideration, I decided to go for it! While it was a big departure from what I was doing, I felt this position was a unique ministry opportunity where God may use my skills and experiences to further His Kingdom. How could I say no to that?

What have you been doing to get to know the people and mission of the District?

Since starting in January of this year, I’ve had the opportunity to visit with pastors in several circuit meetings/winkels, joined the Spring Pastor’s conference in Kearney, and visited with missionary Gary Thies at Mission Central. I’ve also had the privilege of joining several congregations’ leaders in meetings to discuss exciting ministry opportunities.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with the District Leadership team, along with some of the members of the Board of Directors, to take a close look at the District’s strategic plan to review mission, vision, and priority. The timing of this has been great as I learn the ins and outs of the District and helps me truly understand our purpose as a District. Later this year I will have the privilege of meeting with the treasurers and business managers at the fall Treasurers’/Business Managers’ Workshop. I’m really looking forward to this! The workshop will take place in Seward on October 13. More information can be found HERE!

I look forward to seeing relationships cultivated in a way that allows the family of God to share His love. I look forward to seeing connections made that would make and mature disciples here in our “small corner” of His Kingdom. I look forward to witnessing the care that each of you show to your brothers and sisters so that His disciples may mature and grow. It is truly a blessing for me to walk beside you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, as we share the love of Christ in Nebraska and beyond!