Nicholle Blomenberg was selected to receive Lutheran Education Association’s 2024 Outstanding New Lutheran Early Childhood Teacher Award. She is in her second year of teaching K-1 as their Ignite (multi-aged, individualized learning) Teacher at Concordia Lutheran Schools in Omaha.

Mrs. Blomenberg earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, with an endorsement in English as a Second Language, from Concordia University, Nebraska.

Nicholle finds joy in teaching. She said, “Witnessing the transformation of my students as they take ownership of their learning journey is immensely gratifying. The joy lies in the realization that they have the ability to push themselves academically and emotionally, embracing the thrill of discovery every day. Another profound joy is the opportunity to share the gospel message by fostering an environment where all questions are welcome and safe. In exploring how God desires us to love one another, we create a space of understanding and compassion. These moments of spiritual and intellectual growth create the joy I find in my role as an educator.”

Mrs. Blomenberg says, “The primary challenge in early childhood education lies in the diverse academic and emotional levels that children bring into the classroom. This dynamic spectrum demands a thoughtful approach, a challenge that I find both invigorating and rewarding. Navigating this diversity involves creating a novel learning environment, tailored to cater to each child’s unique needs. It is an exciting endeavor to shape the way we understand and address education. By embracing this challenge, we not only foster individualized growth but also contribute to the broader narrative of cultivating an inclusive and supportive early education experience for every child.”

Nicholle’s principal said, “Mrs. Blomenberg balanced her knowledge of early childhood, the goals and practices of Ignite, and ongoing classroom experience in making changes as she learned from experience in Concordia’s first year of having an Ignite K-1 Classroom, 2022-2023. She demonstrated expertise, creativity, and openness to feedback, exceeding that of most first-year teachers to maximize student growth in her classroom. Nicholle took on a unique challenge in her first year, and she exceeded expectations in leading and serving her students.”

One parent commented, “Mrs. Blomenberg brings such a fun spirit to her classroom. Her enthusiasm for teaching is apparent to both students and parents. Mrs. Blomenberg does an excellent job of working with kids to grow in their strengths both socially and academically.”

Nicholle’s personal mission statement is, “As an educator, my mission is to meet students where they are in their learning journey nurturing an inclusive and supportive environment. I am committed to helping students recognize that they are cherished children of God, each uniquely gifted. My aim is not only to facilitate academic growth but also to guide students through their emotional and social development. I aspire to create a space where every child feels valued, supported, and empowered to embrace their gifts, cultivating a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom.”