Lutheran Hour Ministries offers equipping resources to help you reach out with the love and Good News of Jesus Christ in your everyday lives. These online courses and webinars cover different faith-strengthening categories and use an array of multimedia elements to help you gain a hearing for the Gospel message. Our latest courses are designed to help you pray, engage Scripture, and talk about faith with your child or grandchildren.

5 Ways to Pray with Your Child: Discover five simple, accessible, and memorable forms of prayer that you can begin to practice in your family today.

5 Ways to Engage Scripture with Your Child: This mini course explores the simple, yet powerful practice of engaging Scripture in the family. Packed with resources and highly interactive, it will equip you to engage Scripture with the children you love.

5 Ways Talk About Faith with Your Child: (Coming soon!) Jesus was a master communicator. Discover five methods Jesus used when having spiritual conversations. Consider ways you can incorporate some of these same methods when having conversations about faith with your child.

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