Every church worker was once a child. As your child grows up, encourage them to serve their Lord and His church in full-time work.

What can I do to encourage my child to consider church work?

The most important quality of every church worker is their faith in Jesus Christ. As you raise your child in their Baptismal faith, you may also be preparing them to serve in full-time church work.

  • Attend worship services regularly with your child.
  • Participate in your congregation’s activities.
  • Pray daily with your child.
  • Teach your child about their identity as a child of God through their Baptism into Christ.
  • Teach your child the words of the Small Catechism.
  • Tell your child that they could one day be a pastor, teacher, DCE, church musician, deaconess, youth leader).

What Else Can I Do?

  • Talk about church work as a great way to serve God with their life.
  • Encourage your child’s interests in activities at church or in your Lutheran school.
  • Find ways your child can experience caring for others in developmentally appropriate ways.
  • Serve alongside your child.


When you talk about careers and what to do “when you grow up,” mention church work. Encourage your child to see working in the church and serving God as a noble and admirable vocation. Tell your children that being a pastor, Lutheran school teacher, DCE or church musician is something they should consider.

As your child develops talents and interests, encourage them to look for ways to use those abilities to serve the church. Even if their interest might not seem “religious,” encourage them to think about teaching at a Lutheran school or university. We need Lutheran math teachers! Lutheran artists are a blessing. Lutheran scientists can help us all appreciate and understand God’s creation. Lutheran English teachers help us all learn to read and write better. Pastors are cooler than astronauts. Pastors give people eternal life.

Encourage your child to see their lives as opportunities to serve others. Church work is a great way to serve our neighbor. If they are interested in helping others, there is no greater way to do that than through the church. If travel and foreign cultures interest them, talk to them about becoming a missionary.

Visit the LCMS Set Apart to Serve website to learn more.

Reprinted with permission from the Set Apart to Serve parent brochure. Click here to download the orignal.