Lutheran Church Extension Fund Powers Education and Outreach

Zion, Pierce, is continuing its long history of school ministry through the construction of a new two-story school building which will replace the congregation’s aging 1915 school building. The congregation plans to preserve the old school bell and the original school sign as part of the legacy of a building that educated thousands of students over the past 108 years. The new school building provides more space and modern classrooms with crucial technology and safety advancements suitable for a 21st century school facility.

Building a new school building is no small project, and it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. As the congregation worked through the process of developing a funding plan for this project, they discovered the need to revisit and strengthen the funding model for their school operations. Working with LCEF through the loan process has helped the congregation have conversations about the long-term funding model for the school. While they hope to maintain their current free-tuition model for their members, they are encouraging their school families that are members to contribute to the mission of the church and school.

Nebraska District LCEF Vice-President, Nate Meier, said, “I am pleased to be working with a congregation that sees a bright future for Lutheran education in their community and is willing to have the conversations that are necessary to build a new school building. In a day and age when there seem to be increasing challenges to faith formation from all corners, Zion Lutheran Church is an inspiration to all of us.”

Beautiful Savior, LaVista, started their Kidnect Child Development Center in 2009, and their child-care program, preschool, and VBS ministries have experienced steady growth for the past few years. With the help of a construction loan provided by LCEF, they now plan to renovate Beautiful Savior’s main campus to expand the child-care program.

Recent demographic trends in Nebraska’s larger metro areas show the need for child-care programs such as Kidnect Child Development, and some of the largest LCEF congregational loans in the Nebraska District have been focused on providing space for new or expanded child-care programs. Opening a child development center can be a challenge, with many congregations finding it difficult to hire and retain capable administrators and staff, and the business concerns and human resources management requiring proper attention from congregational leadership. Nonetheless, LCEF seeks to support congregations who have “counted the cost” for launching child-care programs so that they may help congregations engage with families who otherwise may never step inside a local church.

Zion, Hastings, has launched Zion Classical Academy, a classical Christian education ministry that seeks to cultivate truth, wisdom, and virtue in students through classical Christian education in order to equip them for a life of service to God and neighbor. LCEF assisted Zion with financing and guidance as the congregation went through the process of transforming its former school ministry into this new classical academy and established it as an LCMS Education Service Organization (ESO).

Zion Classical Academy now pays rent to Zion Lutheran Church, and lending solutions from LCEF have helped Zion Lutheran Church prioritize necessary facility upgrades and deferred maintenance to fulfill their obligations as a landlord. Zion Lutheran Church has worked with LCEF to consolidate their various long-term debt, creating a financing plan that will be sustainable for the congregation’s operating budget.

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