Disaster Response

Congregations and schools are encouraged to send funds for disaster relief to one of the following organizations during times of natural disasters:

Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT) Training

Responding to a disaster is a vital part of who we are as members of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Responding to a disaster allows a congregation to confess Christ to their community, region and world in ways they may have never considered before. Lutheran Early Response Team Training helps prepare congregations and individual members to be better prepared when a disaster strikes, and helps them know how to respond in word and deed within their community.

If you have already been trained as a part of the Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT), you can help us by making sure that you are registered as a part of the new national database of LERT trained volunteers.  Please log in to the LERT volunteer portal to make sure your information is up to date: https://www.lcms-lert.org/user/login/

Visit the LCMS website to learn more about LERT training.

Comfort Dog Ministry

The Nebraska District is home to five Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs. The dogs and their handlers can be contacted for visits to congregations, schools, and within your community.

Helpful Online Resources

Recommended Government Preparedness Websites: