​Nebraska District LCMS President, Rev. Richard Snow, Invites Congregations to Take Part in the 2024 Stewardship Emphasis

Our generous God invites us by grace into a life reflecting His generosity. From the widow’s mite to the unjust manager, Jesus shared many parables and taught multiple lessons on the issue of generosity. As active lay leaders, my parents were not shy to convey many of those lessons to us as children. After we got married, I learned even more about generosity from my wife. I find incredible joy in generosity.

Congregations that fail to talk about Christian stewardship on a regular basis often find themselves talking about money all year long. Instead of reflecting God’s generosity, sometimes we only talk about stewardship in the context of the annual budget.

Your congregation is invited and encouraged to take part in the 2024 Nebraska District Stewardship Emphasis. We will be utilizing Consecrated Stewards, a stewardship resource of Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) that is founded on our Lutheran understanding of biblical stewardship. It uses scripture to awaken in Christians the Spirit-led, free, and joyous response to the grace of God through Jesus Christ. It aims to raise people to a new level of spiritual commitment, generosity, and annual giving as they steward all of God’s gifts.

Key elements of Consecrated Stewards include:

  • Four weeks of stewardship sermons (with guides) and video-guided Bible study.
  • Four weeks of children’s ministry materials for preschool through 12th grade.
  • Publicity resources for reaching every member.
  • Freedom to use as much or as little of the material as is beneficial to your congregation.

The Nebraska District is pleased to partner with LCEF to make Consecrated Stewards available at a reduced rate of $195 from the normal $495 cost. Though results vary and are not guaranteed, we often see a spirit of generosity resulting in a 15%-35% increase in annual offering commitments.

In an effort to walk together in this emphasis as a district, the Stewardship Committee is recommending scheduling this January 21 through February 11, 2024. Again, your congregation may choose to begin this earlier in January or later in the year, if it is more convenient, as we walk together as a District in promoting biblical stewardship in our congregations.

To learn more or to sign your congregation up to participate in this district-wide stewardship emphasis, please visit the Consecrated Stewards page or contact the Nebraska District Office at 402-643-2961. Thank you for your prayerful consideration!

Contact Lutheran Church Extension Fund

   Contact Nate at 913-221-8999 or nate.meier@lcef.org with your questions about the many services LCEF offers, as well as finance and stewardship issues. More information about LCEF is available on our website.