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Below you will find videos and resources from workshops we’ve held in the past. For more archived videos from the Nebraska District, including recent pastors’ conferences, visit our Vimeo page.

"Equip to Engage" Workshop Video and Resource Archive

Can you imagine a day when your congregation is fully a part of the community around it? Do you pray for a time when your members build meaningful, Christ-centered relationships with each other and those outside the church community? Are you ready to lead your church into the community to which you are being sent? A recent Nebraska District workshop, made possible through a partnership with the Center for U.S. Missions, called Equip to Engage provides training and tools to help equip everyone to share His message.

The workshop presenter for the 2018 Equip to Engage Workshop was Rev. Peter Meier, who serves at the Executive Director of the Center for U.S. Missions. The Center is a partnership between LCMS World Mission, Concordia University Irvine, the North American Mission Executives of the LCMS, and People of the Book Lutheran Outreach (POBLO) International. They provide research and training for mission work among unevangelized people in the United States. They are Christ-centered, mission-driven, multiplication-focused, and service-oriented.

Watch this video series with one or more lay leaders from your congregation to be equipped and encouraged to embrace the community in which you serve and to engage the people around you with the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. (Videos may be presented via the website, or downloaded to watch offline.)

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

Video #6

PowerPoint slide deck

"Reaching Your Community Through Missional Communities" Workshop Video and Resource Archive

Forming, developing, and multiplying missional communities can be an outstanding approach to church planting! However, getting missional communities going doesn’t make the planting of a new church automatic. It takes intentionality to make disciples, to live in Christ-centered community, and to be a sending and multiplying church.

The Nebraska District hosted a one-day missional community church planting workshop, and now that workshop is available to you! This page includes links to video segments of the workshop’s presentations, along with the handouts. You are encouraged to watch these videos and work through the corresponding questions as you explore starting a missional community where you are.

You might consider using these video segments and handouts as part of your elders, church council, or other leadership team meetings, watching and discussing one video each time. Or gather a group of interested and committed members and spend a Saturday watching, discussing, and planning what this might look like in your community. These resources are made available to you to use in whatever ways work best for you.

You may download the entire handout below, or click the handout link by each video to download only the questions for that segment.


View all Missional Communities workshop videos on the Nebraska District LCMS Vimeo channel.  (All videos are able to be downloaded in advance from their Vimeo page for use in places which may not have internet access.)

Video Introduction to Rev. Eric Wenger

Video 1: First Things First

First Things First handout

Video 2: The Big Picture

Big Picture handout

Video 3: Missional Community Fundamentals

Fundamentals handout

Video 4: Three Approaches to Missional Communities

Raized Community Discussion handout (for video #4)

Video 5: Missional Community Victories

Victories handout

Video 6: Missional Community Obstacles

Obstacles handout

Video 7:  Missional Community Funding

Teamwork (for video #7)

Milestones (for video #7)

Video 8: Partnerships

Video 9: Preparing Missional Community Leaders

Video 10: Designing Your Game Plan

Game Plan handout

Video 11: First Things First Again

Prayer Walk Outline

Books and Resources

"Prairie Fire" 2017 Conference Video and Resource Archive

Nearly 250 lay members and church workers gathered in Seward for Prairie Fire: Building Bridges in August 2017.

President Richard Snow opened the day talking about “Why is Community Important?,” setting the stage for the learning that followed. His keynote presentation is available here, and everyone is invited to take the time to watch it and hear why he says “Community is everything.”

Rev. Greg Finke closed the day answering the question “What is My Part in My Community?” before participants returned home. Through God’s Word and real-life examples, Rev. Finke encouraged everyone to be witnesses of God’s love through friendships and every day relationships. His keynote is also available and would make a great presentation at a Bible study or small group gathering.

The Nebraska District thanks all those who attended and made the day so wonderful. We are also pleased to be able to offer these two presentations to those who were unable to be there.

Video 1

Video 2

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