District Job Openings

The Nebraska District LCMS is seeking a Treasurer. To suggest someone for this position, or to apply, please contact District President Rev. Richard Snow at richs@ndlcms.org.

Start date — as soon as possible


Treasurer, Nebraska District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Position Description & Purpose:

The purpose of the treasurer position is to manage the business affairs of the district and assist the district president in caring for the financial matters of district congregations and workers.


Working Relationships:

Direct responsibility to the Board of Directors and report to and serve as an assistant to the District President.


Ministry Description:

The Nebraska District Treasurer is an integral leader of the district and district ministries.  The Treasurer is the primary guide for the District Board of Directors in helping them fulfill their fiduciary duties on behalf of the congregations of the district.  The position requires both a firm accounting capacity and a kingdom perspective.  We seek to be careful stewards of God’s gifts and work to make the greatest impact on our world with His grace, therefore the Treasurer is a person of faith and witness as we make every effort to build up our congregations and workers in their gospel ministries.  This work includes assisting the district president in caring for the financial matters of district workers and congregations and their treasurers.  As business manager for the district office and staff, the treasurer also helps care for those working deployed and in the office.   


Duties and Responsibilities:

Within the following three areas of emphasis, the District Treasurer shall:

Fiscal Management

      • Be subject to the regulations of the District, and as directed by the Board of Directors, receive and disburse all District Monies, keep an accurate account of them, secure loans when authorized, and prepare quarterly reports of financial activity to the Board of Directors and an annual report to be available by the end of April each year.
        • Function as depository for all funds in the hands of the District Board, commissions, committees, officers, and employees who, by virtue of their offices, act as custodians or trustees of District Funds.
        • Make all disbursements upon receipt of duly signed vouchers, and as authorized by the District Convention or by the Board of Directors through the budget process.
        • Be responsible for the assembling of the budget and the budgetary operations of the District.

Business Management

      • Be a member of the Board of Directors with non-voting status.
        • Coordinate Board of Director committees including: Executive, Finance & Audit, Governance, Investment.
      • Serve as treasurer on the Board of Directors of the Lutheran Ministry Foundation.
      • Be a Member of the District Leadership Team and Executive Staff – and coordinate their meetings
      • Manage the business operations of the District including:
        • Office and Facilities Manager
        • Human Resources Management and related compliance
        • Management of Federal and State Tax reporting and related compliance
        • Technology / data processing oversight through the use of an IT support company.
        • Risk management oversight primarily through the use of insurance products.

Ministry Relationships

      • Participate in Staff visitation process
      • Be available to assist any congregation or worker of the District in fiscal and operational matters.


Qualifications shall be:

  • A lay person appointed by the Board of Directors
  • A member of a congregation of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
  • Bondable
  • Have a knowledgeable background of financial matters.
  • Excellent Communication and People Skills

(Updated August 9, 2022)