District Job Openings

The Nebraska District LCMS is seeking an Assistant to the President for Mission & Ministry. To suggest someone for this position, or to apply, please contact District President Rev. Richard Snow at richs@ndlcms.org


Assistant to the President for Mission & Ministry, Nebraska District

Position Description & Purpose:

  • To resource, coordinate, and promote a discipleship culture that produces good fruit and good works as the Body of Christ grows in vocational witness and works of mercy, and as ministries collaborate to carefully steward and effectively impact God’s kingdom.
  • To provide accountability and oversight for District-owned ministries and granting ministries to carry out the mission opportunities our Lord puts before us.


Working Relationships:

Responsible to the District President.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Primary responsibilities

    1. Regular visitation with pastors & circuit gatherings to assess and encourage relational and congregational health.
    2. Regular visitation with all District-owned ministry church workers to assess and respond to their spiritual, relational, emotional, physical, and educational needs.
    3. Resource, coordinate, and promote a discipleship culture throughout the District.
    4. Strengthen congregations and their members in proclaiming the Gospel in their home, workplace, community, and congregation.
    5. Equip and encourage individuals, congregations, and circuits in expressing their Christian concern, love, and compassion in meeting human needs to engage their community and world.
    6. Encourage collaboration and healthy partnerships with mission organizations, groups, and congregations, helping to identify a variety of ministry partners and resources, and connecting these to congregations and ministries.
    7. Resource professional church workers in their continuing growth.
    8. Provide ongoing resources to congregations, District owned ministries, and grant recipients for encouragement, growth, and support through various means: workshops, conferences, articles, books, etc.
    9. Assist congregations, circuits, District-owned ministries, and grant recipients in developing vision, direction, and strategy.
    10. Receive reports and regularly visit District-owned ministry workers and grant recipients to develop a positive working relationship and provide appropriate leadership, education, evaluation, and encouragement.
    11. Evaluate yearly mission grant recipients and District-owned ministries.

Ministry Awareness and Promotion

      1. Share with Congregations the opportunities, blessings, and needs of the mission work being done throughout the District by pulpit supply and other communication opportunities via District communications staff.
      2. Continually evaluate the need for new ministries within the District and work within the District policies and procedures to advance new ministry opportunities.
      3. Encourage and promote servant events at the District ministries.


      1. Regular and reporting to the District Board of Directors.
      2. Represent the District and the Ministries in the joint effort to be good stewards of the resources needed for ministry operation.
      3. Provide the first line level of accountability for District-owned ministries, workers, and grant recipients, assisting them to keep activities within the policies and budget of the District.
      4. Assist with the evaluation of ministry needs to ensure that necessary resources and staff are available to District-owned ministries, maintaining an overview of ministry needs relative to total resources available.
      5. Lead the call process for workers in District-owned ministries.
      6. Perform the annual worker evaluations for all called District-owned ministry workers for District budget.
      7. Connect with LCMS organizations that resource this position.
      8. Participate in Leadership team and Executive team meetings.
      9. Be a contributing member of the District office staff, promoting and encouraging the mission, vision, and values of the District.


    Qualifications shall be:

    • A highly spiritual man of the Word and prayer.
    • Committed to the historical theological position of The Lutheran Church—Missouri
    • An active member of a Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod congregation.
    • On the synodical roster as minister of religion ordained.
    • A demonstrated leader with significant years of experience within congregations of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.
    • Familiarity with church polity evidenced by experience with District and Synod on some level.
    • An effective team member with demonstrated competencies in:
      1. People skills (listening, caring, loving people)
      2. Teaching
      3. Team building and collaboration
      4. Strategic Planning and implementation
      5. Futuristic/Visionary
      6. Growth Mindset
      7. Helping others develop interpersonal relationships
      8. Self-starter
      9. Knowledge of ministry resources
      10. Coach/Mentor
      11. Strong administration and follow through
      12. Confidentiality
      13. Maintaining objectivity
      14. Comfortable with extensive travel

    (Updated December 16, 2021)