June 24-25, 2022
Younes Conference Center, Kearney

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Forms for Delegates and Guests

Voting Delegate Credential Form

Voting Delegate Registration Form

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General Registration Information (advisory delegates, guests, exhibitors)

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Voting Delegates

We will need the names and addresses of the voting lay and pastor delegates by January 31, 2022.

Step One: Delegate Certification

To be eligible to vote, the credentials committee must receive the pastoral voting delegate and lay voting delegate names with certification by officers of the congregation. Please send this information on the credentials form found here: click here to download form for single parish congregations // click here to download the form for dual and multiple parish congregations  All forms must be printed and sent to our office by mail. Please note that incomplete forms will be returned and forms will not be accepted by email.


Pastoral Delegates: Only pastors called to congregations may serve as voting delegates. Team ministries that have multiple pastors will need to decide which pastor will be the voting delegate to the Convention. If the senior pastor is to be the voting delegate, then the associate/assistant pastor will be an advisory delegate; if the associate/assistant pastor is to be the voting delegate, then the senior pastor will be an advisory delegate. Vacancy pastors and vicars are not eligible to represent the congregation as a voting delegate.

Multiple Parishes: Send only one voting lay delegate between them. The multiple parish will need to decide which congregation will send the voting lay delegate for this convention.

At the 2019 LCMS Convention, an amendment to the Bylaws changed Article XII 10 B. This now allows congregations of a multi-congregation parish other than the one to whom the voting lay delegate belongs to send an advisory lay delegate to the district convention. This will allow all Nebraska District congregations to be represented at the district convention.

Please complete the delegate information form to certify your voting delegates. If the congregation(s) in your dual/multiple parish are not represented by your chosen voting lay delegate, you are now able (but not required) to send an advisory lay delegate from those other congregation(s). Advisory delegates have a voice, but no vote. If you have members who are interested in attending as advisory delegates, please complete that portion of your Delegate Information Form.

Step Two: Delegate Registration

More information to come…watch for a mailing in Spring 2022


Guests & Exhibitors

Information will be released in Spring 2022

Advisory Delegates

All rostered workers and certified lay delegates will be mailed a Convention registration packet in the Spring of 2022. All materials needed for you to register for the Convention are included with that mailing.