June 24-25, 2022
Younes Conference Center, Kearney

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Contact Kimberly Myers with questions about this website and the online forms for nominations and evaluations: kimberlym@ndlcms.org, or 402-643-2961, extension 1009

Contact Kim Hofer with questions about the nomination, profile, and evaluation process: kimh@ndlcms.org, or 402- 643-2961, extension 1014.

Contact Candi Menze with questions about delegate forms and registration: candim@ndlcms.org, or 402-643-2961, extension 1010.

Contact Joyce Bruha with questions about overtures: joyceb@ndlcms.org, or 402-643-2961, extension 1011.

Contact the District Secretary, Rev. BJ Fouts, with questions about nominations for District President, District Vice-Presidents, and District Board of Directors: pastorfouts@stjohnbc.net.